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Simply create relevant AdWords campaigns !

Tesuji Adwww is a simple, economical and effective software to create optimized and targeted advertising campaigns with Google AdWords in a few click on a significant volume of keywords.

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Integrating advanced targeting options, Tesuji Adwww brings to all AdWords users greater efficiency in the creation of their advertising campaigns.

Tesuji Adwww generates Google Adwords campaigns while easily creating pairs keywords / ads :

 1 keyword ou 1 phrase = 1 custom ad

The objective is to optimize the level of quality keywords via the simple "one keyword or phrase = custom ad" in order to obtain the best position cpc (cost per click).

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Tesuji Adwww can assemble in a few clicks your keywords, retrieve keywords on websites (url) via their web addresses or generate keywords from synonymous.

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The benefits of Tesuji Adwww

  • The unique option "Broad without synonym" brings a very precise targeting to avoid losses of budgets and approximations on irrelevant or inappropriate words synonymous.
  • The ease of creating pairs keywords / customized ads can generate many campaigns of several hundred keywords in minutes.
  • Wizards brings great speed for creating your campaigns : the assembly, recovery via the Internet on websites and the combination of synonyms.
  • Ergonomic design enables simple vision of your campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ads in a single view.
  • The personalization of ads related to keywords is easy via the inclusion of keywords in the text through the use of codes in brackets {1}, {2}, ..., {x}.

  • The unique quality indicators on the presence of keywords in the ads and the landing page can improve and optimize the quality of your keywords / ads.

  • The creation of templates ads allows reuse of these on several separate campaigns.

  • The exclusion of keywords optimized targeting your campaigns whether at the campaign level or at the ad group.

  • The import or export text files, by copy and paste or from Excel allows reuse keywords easily.

adwords software editor tesuji adwww download try

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A complement to Google AdWords Editor

Tesuji Adwww allows you to create the main information of your Google AdWords campaigns including the campaign, ad groups, keywords and ads.

The targeting of keywords is performed according to four criteria : broad (including synonyms), broad without synonymous, phrase and exact.

The unique option "Broad without synonym" avoides interpretations not intuitive in AdWords Editor but very easy to use in Tesuji Adwww.

Tesuji Adwww easily communicates with AdWords Editor by compatible files in .csv format.

Download Google AdWords Editor

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A solution for everyone

Self employed, company, advertising agency or web agency, Tesuji Adwww is an essential tool for your business with Google Adwords Editor.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced user on the Google AdWords platform, Tesuji Adwww saves you valuable time on building your campaigns.


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Tesuji Adwww is a complementary software to Google AdWords Editor running on Microsoft® Windows® platform XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.

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Download Tesuji Adwww


Download Google Adwords Editor

Why use Tesuji Adwww ?

Google AdWords is a major leading player for your presence and your Internet marketing strategy relating to advertisements on search engines or advertising networks (display).

If the use of the AdWords platform is simplified, the implementation of relevant campaigns with a high level of quality often requires increased knowledge or skills.

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quality / ad + quality / landing page

The level of quality is crucial for the positioning of your ads related to the cpc (cost per click) and associated keywords.

Our solution allows you to quickly and easily create campaigns based on your keywords and verify their relevance to the ad and the landing page.

Various assistants allow you to generate in a few clicks campaigns with hundreds of keywords on a simple approach : a keyword or phrase = a custom ad.